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The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Victoria

Delivering an impactful driving experience

Engaging a Gen-Z audience through gamification
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The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a Victorian Government-owned organisation whose role is to promote road safety, support those who have been injured on Victorian roads and help them get their lives back on track.

obsolete system


An ageing program that was failing to engage its audience


In the 1990’s, the TAC launched DriveSmart, a computer-based simulation training tool designed to support learner drivers develop skills for safe driving.


The program was originally delivered on CD-ROM, and then transitioned to an online resource in 2014. However, as the program aged, so too did its effectiveness in engaging an audience that had grown up in the age of gaming.


Even though the research within the program withstood the test of time, the tool was now outdated for a Gen Z audience who have come to expect a good user experience, interactivity, and mobile accessibility, which are necessary factors to deliver an impactful learning experience for this up-and-coming generation.


Rebuilding content from the ground-up

The major challenge of the project was to build a new system that was primarily aimed at a Gen Z audience. Therefore, the platform had to be fully mobile-optimised, with intuitive UI, a custom interface, and be accessible to all participants.


To effectively connect with the intended audience, the development of new content had to include realistic learning scenarios, gamification elements, interactivity and feedback and had to be embedded in research.

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A portal with media-rich content

Our solution was the implementation of the imc Learning Suite, as the front end portal (website) for the TAC.


This portal was combined with a mobile-first interactive video format which was designed in a way that was easy-to-use, playful and mobile-optimised.


There were gamification elements included within the development of content such as badges, storytelling and driving games which enabled the learner drivers to build up their driving knowledge. They also had the ability to share badges on social media to share the safe driving message with their peers.


New video footage of driving conditions and risks were filmed for the scenarios. The videos were to be adapted into interactive scenarios by imc. These scenarios were designed to resonate with real-world examples that a young driver might experience whilst driving and be exposed to common dangers on the road.


A successful transition to mobile-first

The project was delivered on time, on budget and in its initial launch phase in March 2019, where over 8,000 users had been onboarded.


The successful redesign of the DriveSmart program has resulted in management who are very satisfied with the modernisation of the website and the mobile-first platform.


There has been a lot of positive word of mouth from the program’s users. The consensus within the community is that the bright colours and design of the website are very engaging, and it seems that users are more open to absorbing the information because of the way that the scenarios have been designed.

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Engaging and Accessible Modern Solution
Improved Road Safety Awareness
Novice Drivers' Skills Improvement
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"DriveSmart is part of a suite of programs available for novice drivers as part of our efforts to eliminate road trauma in Victoria. We are really pleased to have DriveSmart recognised for its evidence-based approach to supporting novice drivers build the hazard perception and concentration skills they need to become safer drivers."
Project Manager for the DriveSmart Redevelopment, Road Safety
Transport Accident Commission