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Case Study
The Commission for Children & Young People

Creating a Better Employee Experience

Learning that goes a long way
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The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) is an independent statutory body that promotes improvement in policies and practices affecting the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in the state of Victoria, Australia.

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Using a human-centred design approach


The CCYP desired to create a better orientation and overall employee experience for their people.


To do this, we implemented a human-centred design approach in the new hire program across its organisation.


The solution of human-centred design enables us to consider the people that we’re designing for.


So putting people at the centre is the core of everything we do.



Creating a huge disruption to the current approach

CCYP strived to make the new starter and employee experience enjoyable, nevertheless, the reality was that new starters were handed 60 pdf documents when joining and sent on their way, leaving everything to chance. Our intervention was focused on disrupting this in a big way.


For CCYP, 'experience' was defined as “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone” or a “feeling and emotion”. Employee experience, much like customer experience, is the deliberate and intentional design of systems and processes that create better human outcomes.


In the context of CCYP, Employee experience is the way new starters feel and the impression that’s made on them when they join the organisation.

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Considering the people we are designing for

This project was developed with a Human-Centred Design approach.


Human-Centred Design is a way of working and being that exists beyond a project or methodology. The world around us is changing rapidly, and the human-centric approach prepares us to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity.


Using Human-Centred Design methods helps us to understand human values and latent needs, so we are able to create people experiences that are meaningful and resilient.


Through this approach, we were able to shape a workplace experience where people want to be, one that responds understands, and values the perspectives and needs of those we aim to empower.


Delivered on time and on budget

This project delivered on what it set out to do on both time and budget.


Not only did we meet our original objectives, but imc successfully managed to implement the majority of strategic findings throughout the organisation.


After we delivered the initial concept, imc developed a 20-minute orientation module, implemented our innovative Trello solution as induction hubs, and further refined the organisations perspective on learning-centred employee experience for the future.


imc and CCYP were recognised as Gold winners at the 2021 LearnX awards, in the category Best Talent Strategy: Employee Experience. The international award program honours innovative and creative projects in the fields of learning and design every year.

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Innovative Orientation Module
Increasing New Hires' Satisfaction Level
Cultivating Leadership Culture & Rapport Building
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"As a Manager, what I say and do matters. I need to be consistent in showing up with the right conversations, feedback and focus that enable New Starters to align to CCYP and feel heard. The opportunities, support and mentoring I provide along the way build rapport and enables the best possible examples of leadership culture to become visible. It’s by making the culture and my ideal behaviours visible to New starters that I am able to provide the ideal New Starter experience."
The Commission for Children & Young People