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The Commonwealth Games trains 50,000 in record time

Discover how a global sporting event delivered essential training to 50,000 users, with more than 20,000 learners trained within the first 16 days.

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A future-proof LMS and rapid elearning programme for 50,000+

A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games
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imc trains the Commonwealth Games

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games brings nations together in a colourful celebration of sport, culture, and human performance. Ahead of the complex international event, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games commissioned imc to implement a highly scalable learning management system (LMS). What was need was a future-proof digital learning platform, plus an easy-to-use content creation tool to generate e-learning materials at speed.



Running time: A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme

Starting from scratch under time pressure

The Commonwealth Games have a mammoth training requirement. With a workforce of over 50,000 employees, volunteers and contractors to upskill rapidly, Birmingham 2022 needed an LMS to streamline the training process. The team had to start from scratch just nine months before the event with no existing LMS in place.


A sustainable digital learning platform

Systems and contracts carry over from one Commonwealth Games to the next. For that reason, Birmingham 2022's aimed to achieve a better knowledge transfer between each organising committee. The team sought a solution that could be reused for the 2026 and 2030 Commonwealth Games.


Meeting the learning needs of a diverse audience at speed

Time was limited before the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, so the team needed everything to come together rapidly – without any risk of scope creep. Implementation of the LMS had to remain on brief, on budget, and on time.


Another challenge were the needs of a very diverse audience of learners. Different ages, languages and levels of technical ability among the volunteers and employees required the LMS to be extremely user-friendly and fully intuitive to navigate.



Swimming success: Running time: A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme

A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme

All employees, contractors and volunteers involved with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games attended face-to-face orientation sessions. The purpose of the four-hour sessions was to help the workforce familiarise themselves with the procedures specific to each venue. A blended learning programme was the best approach to deliver the learning. In order to protect the limited amount of face-to-face training time available, the team used the LMS to host other bite-size training and support.


Integration with a workforce management system

The LMS, branded as 'B-Bright', pulled user data from Rosterfy, a volunteer and workforce management system. For the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games,  a simple data transfer service imported the data from Rosterfy. The plan is to integrate the two systems for future games.


Rapid e-learning creation with imc Express 

imc Express is an easy-to-use authoring tool that takes the hassle out of content creation. Content creators can easily import text from Microsoft Word, add multimedia content, drag and drop images, and build interactive learning activities to engage learners. To support the most inclusive Commonwealth Games ever, video content was automatically subtitled, making sure it was accessible to the entire workforce.



A future-proof success story

In total, over 50,000 users were trained. More than 85,000 course enrolments by 16,000 users were registered in the first 16 days after launch. Meaning that on average, each user signed up for four or more courses. This is a testament to the quality and value of the LMS, as all content on B-Bright was voluntary, yet it still kept people coming back for more learning.


Beyond 2022, the LMS will be reused for the next two Commonwealth Games, saving significant time and money.

Commonwelth Games Training on a Tablet
A clean, user-friendly LMS
85,000 course enrolments within 16 days
Self-service learning for a diverse audience
imc were very agile with us, which allowed us to create an engaging learning platform for over 50,000 people, in a very short space of time.
Haley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games