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Case Study

Unifying an Organisation Under One Learning Management System

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KiwiRail is New Zealand’s national rail network operator and one of the largest transport employers in New Zealand. They have over 4,200 permanent staff and more than 6,500 contractors.


Their employees are split over five distinct business units: KiwiRail Freight, Interislander, KiwiRail Passenger, KiwiRail Infrastructure & Engineering and KiwiRail Corporate.

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Replacing ageing systems


KiwiRail required a single Learning Management System (LMS) for its five business units and over 5,000 users.


They had been using ageing and inflexible systems which were inefficient for the business because they did not communicate with one another.


Ensuring that the LMS met compliance

imc needed to ensure that the new platform, based on their Learning Management System imc Learning Suite, met critical safety business processes, skill competencies and compliance with legislation.


Another challenge was ensuring the system reduced administrative efforts and costs whilst also improving KiwiRail’s data quality and availability.

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One source of truth for all business functions

imc built one system which helped KiwiRail to undertake a variety of business functions. These included:

  • A way for employees and contractors where they can find and register for training
  • The ability for employees to track their progress and manage their career training goals
  • A method for the business to manage skills, certificates and competencies
  • Enhancing managers’ ability to monitor and report on what their staff are completing


This system also helped to reduce costs across the business through the synchronisation of the HR system within the LMS.

It benefited KiwiRail by providing them with a platform that is accessible anywhere, with all records consolidated in one place.


Another highlight of implementing this new system was the topic of compliance. The system tracks safety, regulatory and legislative compliance training requirements. It helped to ensure that all of these are met with the ability to deliver company-wide reporting.


Efficient management of all rail personnel

The integration of all old systems into one new LMS helped to ensure the efficient management of all certifications and career developments across all business units. In addition, it gave KiwiRail the opportunity to further enhance their training access within their organisation.


This meets the individual requirements of the five different business units by providing one complete view across the enterprise. The new system is still being flexible enough to allow creativity and innovation across business units.

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Fulfillment of compliance requirements
Cost reduction across all business units
Relevant & up-to-date learning courses
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“We are excited about the opportunities the system will give KiwiRail to further enhance training access in the organisation. It will provide one complete view across the enterprise, whilst still being flexible enough to allow creativity and innovation across business units.”
LMS Coordinator