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Seven steps
to your dream job

Your application at imc

You have decided to apply to imc and want to know what comes next. Let us walk you through our application process and explain what is important to us.

Please note that the application process can deviate slightly from the process mapped here, depending on the vacancy or role you apply for. We always strive to make this process as straightforward as possible for you. The HR team are happy to help with any questions you may have at any stage of this process. We want to be authentic from the word go – we are on first-name terms!


We always like to see a short cover letter, stating your motivation. For vacancies in Design or Creation, you should also attach a meaningful portfolio. We always welcome speculative applications.


If it becomes apparent that the vacancy you applied for is not quite right for you, but you seem to be the right fit for imc in general, we will invite you to our talent pool, to stay in touch for any future vacancies. You can request that your documents be deleted from our talent pool at any time by sending a brief email to our HR team.

1 | Application

Simply upload your CV and cover letter onto the imc Job Portal or apply via XING 1-click. For data protection reasons, please do not send applications or documents by post or email.

2 | Automated confirmation of receipt

Each application for a specific vacancy is captured in our applicant management system. You will receive an email confirming receipt.

3 | First contact

We check the application we received and aim to contact you a short timeframe to advise if we will be taking your application further.

4 | Introductory meeting

If so, we then get to know each other in an initial telephone or Skype meeting.  Then, if we wish to proceed with your application, we invite you to the next stage.

5 | Face-to-face meeting

We then hold one or two meetings with the recruiting manager and a member of the HR team or a colleague.

6 | Decision and contract

If we believe you are the best candidate for the role and we like each other, we will make you an offer.

7 | Onboarding

We wish you a great start and successful onboarding!

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We live and promote diversity. We consider it enrichment and a crucial component of daily life at imc.

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We pay more attention to personality and potential than qualifications. We welcome applicants opting for a career change.

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We all identify with digital learning, have creative drive and innovative strength – and that brings us together.