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Diversity and Inclusion

The diversity of our employees from more than 49 nations makes us what we are: a Saarland brand at home in the world. Our clients around the world are diverse – so are our teams. Every single day they succeed in enabling individuals and organisations worldwide to unleash their full potential in a continuously changing world. Their experiences, knowledge and creativity are the foundation for our competitiveness and our success. Our employees are the face of imc – whatever their age, skin colour, love life, belief, looks or lifestyle. Their diversity is a key source of creativity for us. It enables us to come out tops in the global competition for the best ideas and products.


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Diverse Teams - better together

Cultural Diversity

The more international our organisation’s operations, the more important it is to promote diversity. We are proud to work with colleagues in 12 locations and count 49 different nationalities in our teams.


We promote cultural diversity primarily though targeted intercultural commitment and intensive international and interregional exchange. Cross-location events like bar camps, play days, lunch roulette, joint yoga sessions and internal “impulse” events boost idea exchange and creativity while also simply being great fun.

Women in Leadership


Our female colleagues make a substantial contribution to the success of imc with their skills. The different individual perspectives and approaches complement each other, giving us strength to face all challenges. While we value our female colleagues’ expertise, it is their soft skills and leadership talent that really sets them apart.


At present, imc enjoys a women's quota of 39,9%, more than twice the norm in the IT sector. Especially in the divisions with a technical focus, we strive to continuously increase the proportion of women.


Leveraging seminars and workshops, imc supports talented and performance-oriented female managers from all divisions and levels throughout their career path.

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Diversity in Talents

As an international company, diversity among our colleagues is of great importance to us. Everyone brings different approaches, skills and experiences to the table, and that’s a good thing.


We value the technical and cultural diversity, and promote the exchange of ideas. We make various platforms available to our employees, such as our Ambassador Programme to systematically promote professional discourse. Employees are given the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and skills across departments and share them with colleagues worldwide.


With our corporate benefits, we also aim to systematically support the specific needs of each employee. And we’re always having fun: (intercultural) team and sports events boost team spirit.


Logo Charta der Vielfalt - Deutscher Diversity Tag 2021

Charta of Diversity

imc is an active member of the Diversity Charter, a national corporate initiative that drives recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in Germany’s business culture. We are committed to actively promoting diversity and practising an organisational culture that is marked by mutual respect and appreciation.


In 2019, imc held its first Diversity Day. We wanted to show our support for diversity and will continue doing so using a range of formats. The next Diversity Day will take place on May 18th 2021.

41,9 %
quota of women
women in leadership positions
employees on parental leave
employees working part-time
Sven Becker Board Member imc

"Instead of homogeneity and uniformity, we believe in interdisciplinary and multicultural team structures. With this approach, we gain a degree of creativity, innovative strength and cooperativeness which creates greater acceptance by customers and helps us stand out from the competition."


Sven R. Becker | Board Member

Kenneth Littlepage, imc AG

Diversity means to me more fun and more success.


Kenneth Littlepage | Project Management Officer

Samantha Mathews imc AG

"Diversity means to me Opportunity. The opportunity to listen and learn from different voices. I think we make better decisions when we invite a diverse range of voices to the table."


Samantha Mathews | Instructional Designer/Project Manager


Francisca Lim imc AG

"Diversity means to me a society where everybody is treated equally regardless of their gender, background, education, position, origin, race and knowledge. Understanding the difference and enthusiastically embracing it to improve and support each other."


Francisca Lim | Regional Brand Manager APAC


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imc employees and external speaker at Diversity Day 2020
Stephan Urbansky at Sat 1 Morning Show
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imc Diversity and Inclusion wall
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Interview with Elke Zastrau, Head of Human Resources

How does imc understand diversity?

At imc, we firmly believe in protecting, constructively promoting and showing appreciation for the diverse perspectives our employees contribute to the company based on their distinctiveness and versatility.


We care about the results achieved by individuals, irrespective of any particularities a person represents in their private or professional capacity. Gender, age, nationality and culture, health impairments, religion, sexual orientation, as well as formal qualifications and social background are not important to us. We are advocates for a broad understanding of diversity that lets the strengths, motivation and performance of our employees take centre stage. In other words: At imc, everyone has the same rights and opportunities, and we are leveraging our diversity constructively.


We are not willing to compromise on protecting the rights of diverse employee groups. We have clear standards and introduced transparent processes for dealing with any unacceptable behaviours.


The principle of diversity is anchored deeply in the DNA of imc, manifesting itself in countless ways. For over 20 years, our purpose has been to make people more successful through digital learning solutions, and to add value to an organisation’s value chain. The nature of learning in itself necessitates a diverse mindset and diverse action. Equally, these are prerequisites for our core business – the conceptual design, development and implementation of new ideas as well as advising our global customer base. The systematic inclusion of a wide range of perspectives and approaches is crucial and imperative for finding the best possible solutions for our customers. An active culture of diversity thus creates significant value for imc, and constitutes a clear, strategic competitive advantage.


Diversity and versatility also show at a different level: We serve a broad range of customers with a diverse spectrum of content, relying on interdisciplinary and multicultural teams for our success. Our customers are global in operations and presence, supporting our successful, mutual international growth over the years.

The diversity at imc enables us to act fairly in line with national and international standards, learn from each other, be more successful and have more fun together.


I am very proud to know that all colleagues at imc show great sensitivity , openness and tolerance at a personal level, and understand personal and professional differences in their collaboration as an opportunity and inspiration.


What challenges does a company with global operations face? Why does diversity play a particularly big role in this context?

We are committed to developing our existing international business further and driving the global expansion of imc. We therefore need the individuals at imc and the organisation as a whole to adapt easily, enabling us to thrive in continuously changing market conditions and customer structures. Invariably, diversity management anchored in the corporate strategy can help boost operational effectiveness, problem solving and conflict resolution skills, as well as employee loyalty – when colleagues learn that their perspective is appreciated and incorporated in practice.


Attracting and recruiting talents around the world who design best practice in digital learning is another challenge for imc. A company culture based on diversity greatly enhances our attractiveness as an employer. Applicants explicitly ask about our culture in interviews and want to know to what degree diversity has been realised in the company. I am quite certain that this is a key criterion for many applicants’ decisions, not far behind success.


At present, colleagues of 44 different nationalities work for imc at 12 locations worldwide. Statistically speaking, that means one out of seven employees represents a different nationality. Groundbreaking innovations and best practices often start in our domestic organisation and are rolled out across the entire organisation from there.


How does diversity impact digitalisation?

The digital transformation that companies need to master in relation to their products, services and processes is obviously influenced by the use of new technologies. But we mustn’t forget creativity as a success factor for the development of new ideas and technologies. Diversity drives creativity and creativity drives innovation.


People who work in diverse teams practice special skills. They cooperate well despite their different views and work methods. They promote new contributions and integrate them, even though this requires far more active listening, empathy and communication. As such, diverse teams are more creative, more open and more productive than homogeneous groups.


Managers capable of unleashing and incorporating diverse potentials will very likely fare much better driving digitalisation in areas critical for success, such as process design, strategy development, business models and employee development. The reverse is also true: Digitalisation can drive  diversity. More and more companies invest in digital technologies to implement diversity programmes. Digital tools can effectively support efforts, such as training employees on a topic, objectifying decisions based on facts, or sharing knowledge with the goal of achieving greater transparency.


imc has developed outstanding digital training courses used with great success by large multinational organisations and institutions for training employees on topics like anti-discrimination, improving the quality of management decisions, codes of ethics, integrity, inclusion and so forth. This is our contribution to making the world a better place. We are proud of that.




What is the focus of efforts to increase tolerance for diversity in the company?

As an organisation, the mindset and actions of imc are already highly diverse. The ‘imc Diversity Day’ is a very welcome occasion for celebrating diversity while also giving some thought to how we can become even better. Specifically, we aim to further develop the existing sensitivity and tolerance for diversity in perspectives, and the understanding for the need to protect and promote these, and to integrate this into our processes. In practical terms: We want to start a dialogue with our employees and understand how inclusive the culture at imc really is, and what specific aspects need to be improved.


An initiative by an Australian colleague is a great example here: She recently made recommendations for ways to better target women with our recruitment activities. We are very grateful for the idea and will implement it swiftly. Overall, our future focus will be on “institutionalising” tolerance through organisationally anchored diversity management that forms an integral part of the corporate strategy and is supported and prioritised by imc management accordingly.

What is your personal objective for diversity at imc?

My goal is to achieve an inclusive organisation: “Diversity plus inclusion is the source of real value” (Boston Consulting Group). In the context of diversity, inclusion means we don’t stop at measurable diversity in perspectives, views and approaches co-existing at imc, but see to the potential of these assets being developed to the fullest, creating a fair, creative and innovative imc enjoying long-term success.

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