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Why diversity and inclusion are more than nice add-ons

“Diversity must be reflected in the results. Greater success through greater diversity.”

An interview with imc Executive Board Members Christian Wachter, Dr. Wolfram Jost und Sven R. Becker

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are topics we should all pay attention to. They are widely discussed in the working world, in sports and on social media.


Companies realised at an early stage that proactive D&I management also brings benefits for them. After all, diverse teams have proven to boost productivity and enhance business outcomes. Moreover, companies can only secure the greatest talents if they recruit from a diverse environment.


imc also understands diversity as a driver for innovation. What exactly does that mean? We asked the imc Executive Board.

Executive Board imc: Christian Wachter, Sven R. Becker, Dr. Wolfram Jost

Thank you for taking the time. Let’s start with a personal question: How do you understand diversity and inclusion?

Christian: Diversity and inclusion means to go beyond being tolerant, and actually accept those who are different.


Wolfram: I agree. Diversity means accepting different backgrounds, because they are the basis for our life.


Sven: And diversity creates friction, positive friction. Friction can promote innovation. Thus, an inclusive and diverse organisation promotes innovation processes which are already difficult to control in themselves.

Where do you see a specific need for action in relation to diversity and inclusion at imc?

Christian: We are developing more and more into a global company with global teams. Interaction and teamwork across countries and cultures is becoming one of the greatest challenges of the near future. Thus, treating each other with respect and consistently setting a good example is crucial.


Wolfram: I believe we do take this topic very seriously at imc, and we are making a great effort to exemplify diversity. Many teams comprise employees with different backgrounds. We actively practice and shape the concept on many fronts, including our Diversity Week.

Let’s venture a look into the future: How will diversity and inclusion be practiced at imc in five years’ time?

Wolfram: That is difficult to predict. Our objective is to establish diversity as a driver and a key component of our corporate culture. We will actively manage diversity. If we grow sufficiently, we might have a Chief Diversity Officer by then.


Sven: We will know that we understand when we no longer need to talk about it. Diversity and inclusion must be absorbed into our DNA, and become routine like the small talk at the coffee machine. Yes, I do believe that we can achieve that objective in five years from now.

Christian, how does the imc approach to D&I stand out from other companies?

Christian: With nearly 50 nationalities at twelve locations around the globe, we are already an intercultural company. That is something special.

Wolfram, which specific aspects of the imc value chain can D&I improve?

Wolfram: People’s background already differs at birth. Based on these differences, they will also have a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Diversity means that these differences within a team create a synergy effect – people complement each other and achieve better results together. That is why our value chain will continue to benefit from diverse teams.

Sven, imc employees represent more than 50 nations. Which measures does imc take to promote diversity and inclusion? Is there one measure particularly close to your heart? Why?

Sven: The number of nations is not what makes an organisation diverse and inclusive. Say I have employees from 100 nations, but they are all married male Java developers between 30-40 years old – that organisation could not be further removed from being diverse. That is why understanding diversity in a wider context is really important to me. Based on that understanding, we can then explore the opportunities this brings – of course, that is an ongoing process.

Sven Becker Board Member imc
Diversity must be reflected in the results. Greater success through greater diversity. This, I believe.
Sven R. Becker
Executive Board

What is the difference between the way diverse and non-diverse teams work? What makes diverse teams better? We have to determine the essence of this. As a Board Member, I also want to seize opportunities: Diversity must be reflected in the results. Greater success through greater diversity. This, I believe.

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Diversity inspires

The diversity of our employees from more than 49 nations makes us what we are: a Saarland brand at home in the world. Our clients around the world are diverse – so are our teams. Every single day they succeed in enabling individuals and organisations worldwide to unleash their full potential in a continuously changing world.

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Diversity and inclusion at imc

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean at imc? And what is the "Diversity Corner" in the headquarter in Saarbrücken about? We will enlighten you in the interview with Kerstin Steffen.



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