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The Future of the Commonwealth Games' LMS
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The Future of the Commonwealth Games Digital Learning Platform

Welcome to the seventh and final post in our series exploring imc’s project with Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. We will wrap up by revealing the Commonwealth Games organising committee’s plans for their imc LMS at future games, including lessons learned and the benefits of their multi-game contract.

Following the final day of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in early August 2022, the team for the Birmingham games will be disbanded. However, the story doesn’t end there. Beyond 2022, imc’s sports event LMS will be used for the 2026 and 2030 games, sticking with the sustainability theme running through the Commonwealth Games, meaning that the Commonwealth Games organising committee can build on the success of this year’s solution without having to start from scratch.

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A sustainable LMS for future Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games takes place every four years in a different part of the Commonwealth. The regular recurrence of these events makes it a perfect setup for the multi-game contract the Commonwealth Games has with imc. This means that rather than creating a brand-new LMS every four years, they will reuse as much as possible from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.


In 2026, the Commonwealth Games will be held in Victoria, Australia, and the imc LMS will be passed to their team. This will make the job of the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games team significantly easier, as they won’t need to procure and build a new LMS, and they can learn from the Birmingham 2022 team to make the LMS as successful as possible.

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Lessons learned

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games team had a relatively short amount of time to create a scalable LMS to support tens of thousands of users, so their timeframe will help the Victoria 2026 team establish how far in advance they should start working on the LMS. The plan for the first iteration of the Commonwealth Games LMS was to start small, with a view to making improvements with each games as needs changed.


Another piece of advice from the Birmingham 2022 team is to fully integrate the LMS with the workforce management system. The Birmingham 2022 LMS, B-Bright, communicates with Rosterfy, the workforce management system, but owing to the tight turnaround, it was not fully integrated. A benefit of the multi-game contract is that the Birmingham 2022 team can easily hand this knowledge over to the new Victoria 2026 team, which would not be possible under a traditional single-contract setup.

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Reimagining the LMS for future Commonwealth Games

imc’s LMS will be particularly useful for Victoria 2026, because the games will be held across four regional sites (Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and Gippsland) in the state. The LMS will make it significantly easier to deliver training to volunteers, contractors and employees across the state, and the fact that the platform was built with flexibility and scalability at its core means that it can cater to any audience size at the next games.


The host of the 2030 games has not yet been decided, but this team will also benefit from the lessons learned from Birmingham 2022 and Victoria 2026. The mult-game contract means that imc will have full oversight of the ongoing project, and the Commonwealth Games won’t have to explain their requirements over and over again to new vendors.


Moreover, each Commonwealth Games has its own branding and approach to training volunteers. With their imc LMS, each future learning team will have the power to apply their own branding to the LMS, reconfigure anything they need and also keep anything they like from previous iterations.


The Commonwealth Games has chosen a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient approach to LMS procurement and development, and imc is proud to be their learning partner for many years to come.

More information

We hope you have enjoyed our deep dive into imc’s LMS for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games! Want to find out more? Get in touch today to discover how we can help you create a sustainable LMS to support your learning efforts long into the future.


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