imc Job-Slot
Unique people. Random questions.

imc Job-Slot

Unique people. Random questions.

What does a Project Management Officer actually do? Or a motion designer? What does a trainee learn in New Media?

Well, we can't answer these questions in a general way, but we can explain to you what they do in our company.

Random questions, regular new faces and professions, that's imc's job slot.

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Unique people. Random questions.

Many job titles today are so complicated that nobody really knows what they are all about anymore. We bring light into the darkness and introduce a job and of course the person who does it every month from now on.

From Saarbrücken to Melbourne, from Sibiu to Zurich, employees from all locations have their say. Different areas, diverse backgrounds, positions and professional experiences, everything is represented. The questions? Randomly selected from our list of questions.

thumbnail Claire
From London to Saarbruecken

In the Interview the International HR Manager Claire Raistrick clears up some prejudices about HR, Germany and revelas what James Bond  has to do with her move to Germany.

thumbnail Suwhathi
Living the dream as Hosting Engineer

Hosting is a male domain? Our interview partner Suwhathi proves this wrong! She reveals how she became a Hosting Engineer at imc and what she think about supposed male domains.

Thumbnail Uwe Hofschröer
“The users decide whether or not a learning offer is successful”

It’s all about the people:  In the Job Slot Interview Uwe Hofschröer, Head of Learning Strategy Consulting explains why introducing a learning management system is more than just getting another software.

Number crunchers and financial heroines

Numerical, precise and detail-oriented, but still anything but people-shy loners: these are Xenia Reiter and Markus Dilly, who give us an insight into their work in the finance department.

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Working at imc

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I have been working in the imc Marketing & Communication team since March 2019.


I am passionate about communication, creative content and social media. I live by the motto: “KISS – Keep it short and simple!”

Explaining complex content in simple terms and making e-learning accessible to everyone are challenges that make every day exciting.


In my time off, I like to read, play poker and travel a lot. 

I am always happy to receive feedback or suggestions:

Photo of Nadine Kreutz
Nadine Kreutz
Communication Manager