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International Women's Day
at imc Australia

We celebrated International Women's Day 2021

For an understanding of diversity and inclusion we need to talk about bias first

Our team across Melbourne took the International Women's Day as an opportunity to consider diversity, inclusion and equality. The mission: challenging themselves to think about how biases can influence our professional and personal decision making.

International Women’s Day has been a conversation since 1911 and in Australia the gender pay gap is still 13.4%* and there are more CEOs named Andrew (7%) than there are female CEOs (5%) of our top 200 publicly listed companies. (*Australia Bureau of Statistics (2021), Average Weekly Earnings, November 2020, cat. no. 6302.0, viewed 25 February 2021)

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In general, there are fewer women employed in technology driven businesses. While at imc we already have comparatively larger percentage of female-identifying staff, we acknowledge that we need to continue to develop and promote initiatives like our ‘Women in Leadership’ program with a view to increasing the number of women we employ.

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Samantha Mathews

Samantha, instructional designer at imc Australia and part of the imc Diversity and Inclusion Crew, hosted an internal event for her colleagues and talked about diversity, inclusion and why it is important to consider our own biases.


She has been working with a government client on an e-learning solution around family violence risk, an issue that disproportionately impacts women and felt that International Women’s Day was a good opportunity to share what she has learned on this project with the rest of the team.

Samantha, why was it so important for you to celebrate International Women’s Day at the imc office in Australia?

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to start or re-start the conversation around the social and economic issues that impact half of the workforce.

How did you incorporate this years’ International Women’s Day theme #ChooseToChallenge?

We had a conversation, watched videos, and did an activity around bias, intersectionality, and inclusion. I think people came to their own understanding that “choosing to challenge” is about each of us, as individuals, checking our own biases and speaking up so that collectively, we can contribute to wider conversation about diversity and inclusion.


When we talk about these topics internally, we have an opportunity to reflect and learn which in turn allows us to provide a better, more inclusive service as e-learning providers.

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Diversity and Inclusion at imc

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Nina Wamsbach, Communications Manager, imc AG
Nina Wamsbach
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