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Miscellaneous · Reading time 3 min.
Employment trends
Employee-led L&D (Learning & Development) can be used to combat the recently identified trend of 'quiet quitting'. Get all the insights here. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 3 min.
Implementing a New Learning Platform: First Impressions Count!
First impression count! Also when it comes to implementing a new learning platform. We tell you which pifalls to avoid. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 3 min.
Cohort-based Learning: Learning Together Beats going it Alone
What does cohort-based learning mean? And why beats learning together going it alone? We have the answers! Learn more... (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 1 min.
Expert Interview with Sven R. Becker
Sven R. Becker, Executive Board Member of imc, gave some insights into how a digital learning platform helps businesses train their employees more efficiently. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 5 min.
Psychological Safety as Prerequisite for Learning Organisations
Psychological safety sounds like a fluffy feel-good topic: all employees should feel safe. But there's more to it than that. Psychological safety is a basic requirement for any organisation wanting to develop positively. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 2 min.
Maximising Productivity thanks to AI Content Creation
eLearning Content Creation can be much easier and faster thanks to AI: That's possible with imc Express. Learn more about the Authoring Tool. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 3 min.
L&D for the automotive sector
The automotive sector is faced with unique challenges when it comes to enterprise learning and development (L&D). The fast-paced nature of the industry, coupled with constant technological advancements, means that employees must be continuously upskilled to remain relevant in the workforce. Fortunately, there are proven e-learning solutions that can help overcome these challenges. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 3 min.
e-Learning for the public sector
As the world shifts towards a more digital and remote way of working, e-learning has become an increasingly important aspect of training and development, particularly in the public sector. However, implementing e-learning strategies in government organizations comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 3 min.
10 ways to keep corporate learning engaging
Corporate learning is an essential part of employee development, but it can be challenging for HR, IT, and L&D professionals to keep their employees engaged. Passive learning methods such as lectures and presentations are no longer enough to effectively meet the learning needs of today's workforce. (…) read more