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Miscellaneous · Reading time 4 min.
The Role of Compliance in Digital Learning Transformation
Get to know more about the five benefits of how compliance training can make digital learning transformation a fundamental part of a progressive, digitally-savvy organisation. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 4 min.
Diversity in e-learning content
Diversity in e-learning is clearly growing in importance. So, in this article, we have put together a summary of key recommendations for companies seeking to incorporate diversity into their learning experience. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Fun and games in the classroom thanks to gamification
We have summarised which gamification elements exist and how they can be used to impart knowledge in a playful way in the classroom. (…) read more
Move! · Reading time 3 min.
It’s all about Communication & Collaboration
Whether we work from home or from the office, hybrid working and global teams have fundamentally changed the way we work together at imc. So it's high time for us to ensure global communication and collaboration standards so that collaboration continues to work successfully. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 5 min.
Diary of a Learning Management System
If an LMS wrote a diary - what would it say? We thought about that and share some tips for LMS professionals, told a little differently. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 3 min.
Tips and Tricks for Using 2D Maps in Learning Design
2D cards are old hat? No! We explain the difference between a 2D and a 3D map and show the structure of a 2D map training and its advantages. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 5 min.
From London to Saarbruecken or: How Bridget Jones met James Bond
In the Job Slot interview the International HR Manager Claire Raistrick from London reveals more about her career path, why she was shocked in a German supermarket and clears up some prejudices about HR. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Secure passwords – The essentials of data security
We share valuable tips on how young people can be sensitised to the topic of passwords and how a strong password should look like. (…) read more
Move! · Reading time 3 min.
Welcome on board - the new imc onboarding journey
No more boring onboarding processes! In the move! article we show how we at imc will also create a new welcome culture in the future with New Work. (…) read more