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Success Story
2022 Commonwealth Games: Training 20,000 users in just 1 month

A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme for 50,000+

A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games
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imc trains the Commonwealth Games

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games brings nations together in a colourful celebration of sport, culture, and human performance. Ahead of the complex international event, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games commissioned imc to implement a highly scalable learning management system (LMS). What was need was a future-proof digital learning platform, plus an easy-to-use content creation tool to generate e-learning materials at speed.



Running time: A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme

Starting from scratch under time pressure

The Commonwealth Games have a mammoth training requirement. With a workforce of over 50,000 employees, volunteers and contractors to upskill rapidly, Birmingham 2022 needed an LMS to streamline the training process. The team had to start from scratch just nine months before the event with no existing LMS in place.


A sustainable digital learning platform

Systems and contracts carry over from one Commonwealth Games to the next. For that reason, Birmingham 2022's aimed to achieve a better knowledge transfer between each organising committee. The team sought a solution that could be reused for the 2026 and 2030 Commonwealth Games.


Meeting the learning needs of a diverse audience at speed

Time was limited before the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, so the team needed everything to come together rapidly – without any risk of scope creep. Implementation of the LMS had to remain on brief, on budget, and on time.


Another challenge were the needs of a very diverse audience of learners. Different ages, languages and levels of technical ability among the volunteers and employees required the LMS to be extremely user-friendly and fully intuitive to navigate.



Swimming success: Running time: A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme

A future-proof LMS and rapid e-learning programme

All employees, contractors and volunteers involved with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games attended face-to-face orientation sessions. The purpose of the four-hour sessions was to help the workforce familiarise themselves with the procedures specific to each venue. A blended learning programme was the best approach to deliver the learning. In order to protect the limited amount of face-to-face training time available, the team used the LMS to host other bite-size training and support.


Integration with a workforce management system

The LMS, branded as 'B-Bright', pulled user data from Rosterfy, a volunteer and workforce management system. For the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games,  a simple data transfer service imported the data from Rosterfy. The plan is to integrate the two systems for future games.


Rapid e-learning creation with imc Express 

imc Express is an easy-to-use authoring tool that takes the hassle out of content creation. Content creators can easily import text from Microsoft Word, add multimedia content, drag and drop images, and build interactive learning activities to engage learners. To support the most inclusive Commonwealth Games ever, video content was automatically subtitled, making sure it was accessible to the entire workforce.



A future-proof success story

In total, over 50,000 users were trained. More than 85,000 course enrolments by 16,000 users were registered in the first 16 days after launch. Meaning that on average, each user signed up for four or more courses. This is a testament to the quality and value of the LMS, as all content on B-Bright was voluntary, yet it still kept people coming back for more learning.


Beyond 2022, the LMS will be reused for the next two Commonwealth Games, saving significant time and money.

Commonwelth Games Training on a Tablet
A clean, user-friendly LMS
85,000 course enrolments within 16 days
Self-service learning for a diverse audience
imc were very agile with us, which allowed us to create an engaging learning platform for over 50,000 people, in a very short space of time.
Haley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
Case Study
DoN – Tailored taste

Hunger for Knowledge: Ensuring a Successful LMS Rollout

DoN: a best practice case study

DoN is Austria’s leading privately owned catering company. The name DoN comes from food entrepreneur Josef Donhauser, who founded his first catering business back in 1992.

His motto was “Tailored taste” – a principle that inspires the companies in the DoN group and their 2,000-strong workforce to this day.


The DoN group has garnered success in many areas, including contract catering, travel and lounge catering, and event catering. Its successes also include several restaurants and the well-known “fresh casual” brands VAPIANO and Fat Monk.


Implementing a new learning platform: First impressions count!

During the pandemic, DoN, like many companies, realised that the days of exclusively in-person learning and professional development were over. But the existing open-source solutions were no longer sufficient for the increased demand. The situation called for a learning management system (LMS).


At the same time, DoN was looking for a solution for quickly generating high-quality learning content. A technology that was easy and intuitive to use. A product that allowed all employees – whether kitchen hands, restaurant chefs, on-board service personnel, or logistics staff – to access exciting learning content from any device, anytime.


Cross-organisational collaboration and motivation, with quizzes, chocolate, and imc Express

DoN quickly found the right learning management system: the imc Learning Suite, courtesy of imc Austria.

But the project managers at DoN, Petra Kügele and Martina Riepl, soon realised that a learning platform on its own was not enough. After all, what’s an LMS without content?


Petra Kügele explains: “The LMS was ordered in October 2022 and was rolled out six months after that. But we knew, even before the rollout, that we needed to actively get our people on board. We didn’t want to simply implement a system and then leave the employees to deal with it on their own. We need to keep the workforce highly motivated about learning and professional development, so we wanted an overall communication package.”


DoN was also looking for an easy-to-use authoring tool that supported the independent and rapid creation of learning content. The idea was to be able to integrate new content into the system on a regular basis. And the new imc Express authoring tool fitted the bill perfectly.


A textbook LMS rollout and sustained employee motivation

DoN was very clear about its goals. It needed to have specially created content ready and available in the LMS the minute the latter was rolled out. It wanted to build up curiosity among its employees so that they were hungry for the learning content and would remain positive about the rollout.

To achieve these goals, the project team put together a coherent overall communication package. It also worked closely with other departments, such as HR and marketing.


The project team actively engaged with the employees at their places of work. They showed them the initial results. They explained the idea behind the platform and what blended learning and the pre-existing features were all about. And they handed out branded “stress heart” key rings featuring QR codes, leading to a quiz created using imc Express. As well as humorous anecdotes, this quiz served up an array of fun facts about the DoN group. For example, do you know how many metres of pasta VAPIANO produces? (Answer: 40.5 km of spaghetti and linguine daily.)

This combination of personal workplace outreach, branded give-aways, and networking across various departments meant that the employees were extremely favourably disposed towards the LMS even before its rollout.


All the hard work paid off. DoN’s employees could have been annoyed about the new system – a common response to change in the business world. But they weren’t. Instead, they were excited about it, and they are highly receptive to new learning content. The project team also produced explanatory videos on the LMS – using imc Express – and made them available in the system.


It’s a true success story, as Martina Riepl explains: “People are even asking when we’ll be uploading the next content into the system. That shows our strategy has paid off and that we’ve established positive framing around professional development here at DoN. And we’ll be working to make sure it stays that way!”

LMS + imc Express
Learning format
Blended Learning
Anticipation for new learning content
imc has been a very constructive, pleasant and reliable partner to work with.
Martina Riepl
Project Owner
aprendio training
Success Story

Easy and accessible content creation – even in stormy seas

Logo aprendio

Aprendio is a Danish start-up enabling high impact learning
in the maritime and renewable energy sectors.


Training to drive the green transition

Aprendio is a dynamic and scaling business and has ultra-expertise in its domain. Mikkel Hansen, CEO & Co-founder with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, explains: "The maritime and renewable energy sectors are rapidly changing – they are vital in enabling the huge ‘green’ transition as they help drive the world’s shift towards a green economy.

The need for additional and highly trained staff has never been greater with millions of new jobs being created globally."


To support the strong demand for better and faster training content, Aprendio needed to find a suitable authoring tool. Key considerations were the fast creation of e-learning content that was easy to distribute to learners anywhere in the world, and ease of accessibility.

aprendio ship

Creating accessible, impactful content that can reach professionals anywhere

Aprendio reviewed many of the leading authoring tools, including imc Express. They found that the market was divided broadly into advanced tools and easy-to-use tools. As their focus is making an impact quickly for their clients’ organisations, Aprendio did not want a complex tool that would take them and their customers a long time to master and use.


“We especially liked the intuitiveness of imc Express and the quality of its output versus other tools.”


In Mikkel’s experience, one of the key factors to ensure a learner’s success is the language.  Therefore, the automatic translation feature of imc Express is a great help for them. Because only if a learner really understands what they learn, they can internalise it, which is highly important especially when it comes to security training on ships.


The other critical element was for diverse, easily accessible content, which imc Express’ video and audio features provide, allowing learners to watch and listen while they practice or learn technical tasks. Mikkel summarises:


“We need to break-down barriers to learning and help people do their jobs well. imc Express allows us to do this.”


Bye bye old-fashioned learning materials, hello modern, accessible content!

Within a very short period, Aprendio have been able to deliver hundreds of additional high impact trainings to learners, and make learning shorter, smarter and more relevant. Mikkel said:


“I’ve actually been sitting onboard a ship, with a satellite connection, using imc Express to convert training they had made onboard into a course.”


“imc Express allows you to get training content in your learner’s hands fast. Not in a matter of months or weeks, but hours.”


The KPIs at a glance:


  • Small team produced more than 60 training contents in less than 1 month from onboarding
  • 50 % of Aprendio training content is now produced in imc Express
  • Took creation of digital learning from months and weeks, down to hours
60 training contents < one month
Learning format
50 % of content produced in imc Express
Creation time
From months > hours
Mikkel Navarro Hansen – CEO & Co-founder – Aprendio
The maritime and renewable energy sectors offer fantastic places to work – but this work is filled with risk which requires you are properly trained.
Mikkel Hansen
CEO & Co-founder
Uniqa insurance
Success Story

Resource Saving E-learning, by and for Employees

Logo Uniqa

The UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.
It has around 21,000 employees and exclusive sales partners serving over 16 million customers across 18 countries.



Wanted: A sales training course that’s learner-focussed and quick to deploy

In the past, training at UNIQA was very hands-on and traditional. The training documents were created by individual employees who were experts in their fields. These courses often took many weeks and months to create. In most cases, they were too long and inflexible and they offered UNIQA’s teams nothing in the way of modern, digitalised learning.



The company needed a way of harnessing the knowledge of its experts and getting this to its sales teams. This was no small ask, given the employees in question are spread across 18 countries and many work remotely. The solution had to be fast, readily accessible, dynamic and highly efficient.

Uniqa case study

Rapidly deployable, modern e-learning courses – created by employees and trainers themselves

As a trusted provider to UNIQA for over 20 years, imc was the obvious partner for building an online training campus. The campus is a digitalised platform that makes sales training and development programmes more accessible and efficient for employees. Digitalisation of these programmes means that employees can now engage in learning at any time and from any location.

To fill the online campus with content as quickly as possible, UNIQA implemented the imc Express authoring tool. With this tool, anyone can create training content quickly and easily. It was an instant hit with the test group (sales employees and trainers):


“imc Express helps us make learning mobile”


“The tool is very time and resource efficient”


“With imc Express, content can be created quickly and easily using AI”


imc Express: an easy-to-use authoring tool that streamlines learning

“imc Express is self-explanatory, interactive and multimedia-friendly. It’s actively helping us achieve our goals around voluntary and independent learning,” says UNIQA digital learning specialist Mario Kopic.


It does this by taking the hard work out of creating learning content and by delivering modern, interactive learning experiences. The resulting content, which can be accessed from any device, caters to different learning styles, whether visual or auditory.


In addition, imc Express allows course authors to collaborate on content – during the actual content creation process. No more time-consuming coordination and feedback processes.


The successful implementation of this project in Sales made people elsewhere at UNIQA aware of imc Express. Consequently, departments like Group Operations, Learning & Development and HR are now also making extensive use of the tool for their digital training needs. And what do these departments see as the main benefit of imc Express? Its intuitive usability. imc Express is easy to use, enabling experts to spend more time imparting their knowledge and less time thinking about the tool itself.

fast and flexible elearnings
Content creation
elearnings for and by employees
further departments want to use the tool
Mario Kopic, Uniqa
imc Express is self-explanatory, multimedia-based and interactive.
Mario Kopic
Specialist digital learning
Success Story
Hansgrohe Group: The Power of Premium Enterprise Learning

Ensuring high quality across global operations

Enterprise learning to ensure quality across global operations

The Hansgrohe Group is a major player in the bathrooms, kitchens, and wellness industries, generating €1.4 billion in sales annually. The company lives and breathes premium quality and design. It needed a best-in-breed learning platform to ensure the highest quality delivery across all its global operations with over 5,400 employees in 34 companies and 20 sales offices.


How to achieve a consistent delivery worldwide

The Hansgrohe Group is committed to top quality. Delivering on this commitment entails communicating the quality message to all employees at multiple locations around the globe. To that end, the company needed to guarantee the same high level of expertise in all its divisions, whether in the USA, Europe, or China.


Face-to-face professional development was another challenge: shift workers in production had few options for attending courses held at remote locations during their normal working hours.

Enterprise learning to ensure quality across global operations

A top-tier distributed learning system

In 2006, Dynamic Media GmbH (later merged with imc) developed an LMS for Hansgrohe. Since that time, all employees have been able to learn independently, free of time constraints. They have access to industrial safety courses, fleet training programmes, and diverse learning offerings for topics in IT security, quality management, and staff development. More recently, the company introduced its employee app, giving its production workers easy access to the learning platform and relevant training content.


But that’s not all. In 2021, Hansgrohe adopted the imc LMS. This opened up a whole new category of learning to its installers, resellers, designers, and others. These users can now access a wealth of e-learning content and information on the company’s entire hansgrohe range and its AXOR luxury range.


Each division of the Hansgrohe Group is able to design its own training content. The company uses imc’s content authoring tools – Content Studio and imc Express – to create engaging e-learning content. Hansgrohe chose Content Studio because of its impressive user-friendliness and wide range of options for interactions.


Thanks to imc Express, the company can now automatically translate user-generated content and integrate it directly into the LMS. This is possible because imc Express is browser-based. The system also includes approval workflows to ensure that only approved high-quality content gets shown to learners.


Flexible corporate training a big hit with employees

During the pandemic, Hansgrohe hit on the smart idea of using their imc LMS as a vaccination booking tool. The platform gave employees and their families an easy and convenient way of booking appointments, enabling them to take advantage of the company’s in-house vaccination offer.


The project manager in charge, Jasmin Gargano, is pleased with how the system worked.

“Our main criterion was to give our employees a fast, bureaucracy-free booking system so they could protect themselves and their families. And the imc Learning Suite seemed the perfect choice for the necessary central administration capability. Our employees were already familiar with the system, so they found the booking process very easy. The resulting personal data was deleted from the system afterwards. Needless to say, the offering was very well received by our workforce.”

At Hansgrohe, learning ties in with the company’s core value of mutual appreciation and respect. A key tenet of the corporate culture is for all employees to be empowered to learn independently. Thanks to the adoption of the imc Learning Suite and imc authoring tools, this is now a reality at all the corporate locations.


The company also continually expands its learning paths and optimises internal processes with regard to skill and competency level. Hansgrohe plans to focus ever more closely on the needs of its employees to provide them with even better training.

Target learners
~ 5,400 employees worldwide
Learning platforms
LMS + Content Studio + imc Express
Our main criterion was to give our employees a fast, bureaucracy-free appointments booking system. Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice.
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
Hansgrohe SE
Arnbeit Leben berlin Brandenburg
Success Story
Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg

When Bricklayers and Gardeners Create Their Own Digital Content: A success story starring imc Express

Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg DGB/VHS e.V. is a non-profit adult education organization.
It is supported jointly by the Berlin-Brandenburg branch of Germany’s DGB trade union confederation
and Berlin’s adult education schools (VHS). It was initially founded to support the democratic restart
– including by means of political education – after 1945. 


Today, its educational and advisory services impart knowledge, promote critical thinking, and encourage participation in society.
It empowers people who are typically disengaged from educational and advisory services and therefore excluded from work and society. 


To turn learners with limited literacy skills into producers of learning media.

Arbeit und Leben (English: work and life) Berlin-Brandenburg provides support to people from many backgrounds. These include apprentices, job-seekers, low-skilled workers, and people with limited digital literacy and limited skills in reading, writing, and math.  


To combat the skills shortage, it aims to help people from many different (educational) backgrounds through further training and improved preparation for workforce entry. 


Accordingly, it trains instructors and apprentices and advises businesses and educational institutions on implementing targeted learning in the workplace. 


But it wanted to incorporate modern, digital learning methods into its offering. And for that, it needed a tool that was easy for teaching staff to integrate into their teaching practice. The idea was to facilitate greater long-term retention of knowledge by turning the learners themselves into producers of learning media. 


Collaboration using AI and automated translations

After much comparison and testing, Johanna Lambertz from Arbeit und Leben’s vocational training department chose the authoring tool imc Express.


“We were impressed with imc Express right off the bat,” she says.

“The tool is intuitive and easy to use, particularly for people with low literacy and media skills or from migrant backgrounds.  And the great thing for our teaching staff is that its integrated AI takes care of layout, dubbing and translation. What’s also really helpful is the option to summarize things in simple language with its built-in ChatGPT features.


What’s more, the integrated image database means that our instructors don’t have to worry about legal issues like copyright. They can prepare their teaching materials and then invite the learners to generate content – which the learners find extremely motivating.” 


87 new items of learning content in the space of three months

So, how has it all worked out in practice?


“The learning units we created in cooperation with the Steinbeisschule Stuttgart school illustrate this perfectly,” Johanna Lambertz explains. “We shot some videos with young apprentices. This content was then used to create learning nuggets showing in detail the steps involved in building a wall. Other learning videos deal with construction site safety, as well as specialist tools and how to use them. 


“These subjects are much easier to show visually than explain in words, so the videos are great. We are also currently producing learning content for horticulture under a partnership with the foundation Stiftung für Mensch und Umwelt (English: foundation for Humans and Enviroment) in Berlin that concerns itself with environmental questions.


“To give another example: a job centre employee used the tool to create a learning unit that shows her clients how to use the centre’s website. Similarly, the interactive elements, such as multiple-choice questions and flipcards, are ideal for integrating occupation-specific prose styles and specialist vocabulary.” 


Five months on, imc Express has been used to create 140 learning nuggets. In addition, 44 instructors are now using the tool on a regular basis. 


Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg is now looking at using imc Express to support even more learners in sectors such as construction and nursing. To quote Johanna Lambertz:


“The potential applications are virtually unlimited.” 

fast and flexible elearnings
Content creation
elearnings for and by employees
further departments want to use the tool
The potential applications are virtually unlimited.
Johanna Lambertz
Vocational Training Department
Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg
More about the project

ABConnect - "Connecting work, education, opportunities. Networking, professionalising and strengthening actors in work-oriented basic education for digital teaching".

Responsible for the eVidoe media workshop: Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg DGB/VHS e.V.

Funding rate of the funding body: 
The ABConnect project (funding code W1497BAOG) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the "National Decade for Literacy and Basic Education 2016 - 2026".

mybreev team happy with the possibilities of AI and imc
Success Story

How the latest authoring tools can ‘change the game’ in scaling global e-learning creation

mybreev logo

mybreev is a cutting-edge company that offers pioneering solutions in the field of online
duty of care training (security, safety, cyber education, and compliance e-learning) across the globe.


Our comprehensive e-learning programs ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve
and are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of today's rapidly changing liability environment.


Producing e-learning that keeps pace with learner needs

Uwe Roniger, CEO of mybreev with more than 25 years of expertise in the industry, had been looking for a super-fast authoring tool that could provide a cool, engaging content experience for global learners for more than 2 years.


As Uwe explains: “Even though only 10-15% of the off-the-shelf content that mybreev supply to their clients needs customisation, it is this 10-15% that is most important for both the learner and the client company, to personalise their content and provide the best learning experience.”


Around 50% of mybreev’s clients request customisation or language localisation so finding the right authoring tool would have a huge impact on mybreev’s efficiency. However, this solution was proving very difficult to find. “In our own private media consumption, we can view anything we want, instantly in our own language, for free. So why, in the professional sector, are clients still having to invest huge amounts of money and time in translation? In an age of technology, this doesn’t make sense,” Uwe says.

mybreev team using imc Express

Using AI super-powers to create limitless, global e-learning

As a future-focused, innovative organisation, mybreev’s CEO, felt strongly that an automated tool using the power of technology was the solution and tasked his senior manager, Jutta Nowak-Strauch, to find the ideal authoring tool.  


Jutta’s many years of experience in e-learning content creation meant she understood fully all the problems that can occur in the production process. The frequent changes needed to create the optimal learner experience, especially where multilingual content is required, are the most time consuming. She explains “all learners learn better in their own language”.


As soon as Jutta saw imc Express in action and tried the system, she was convinced.


“I was astonished to find how much AI was already available within imc Express, compared to other solutions, especially the AI voices. All our in-house content producers are now using imc Express as part of their suite of expert tools.”


No more learning boundaries thanks to imc Express

Uwe explains, “previously we had no limitations in what we and our clients could create in terms of content experience. But we did have limitations in what we could offer the client in terms of customisation and language possibilities and of course our clients had budget limitations. Since the discovery of imc Express, the boundaries have been lifted and our clients are now able to offer an amazing, customised content experience to any learner, anywhere in the world, instantly and without additional budgets.”

Content created in over 50 languages
Collective creativity in real time
Time saving
From weeks > days
Uwe Röniger, CEO mybreev
imc Express is the perfect example of the AI revolution. Companies can now produce one great e-learning, in one language and the rest of the work will be done by the machines
Uwe Roeniger
mybreev GmbH