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Create a unique learning experience

Unleash the full potential of your employees and your organization with imc's learning solutions

Learning Management System

360° Learning Management: manage your learning processes with the imc Learning Suite.

E-Learning Content

When a training doesn`t feel like a training at all - maximum individualization, measurable results, 100% success.

Digital Learning Strategies

Our Learning Strategy Consultants integrate the elements of e-learning with each other. For maximum effectiveness.

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Start right away with our off-the-shelf e-learning content.


Increase learning with imc's gamified quizzing app BizQuiz.


Maximize your employee performance with the imc Performance Support System.


From zero to amazing: Create inspiring and engaging e-learnings with our authoring tool.

> 1,200
customers worldwide
> 10,000,000
learners worldwide
> 20
years market experience
> 98%
customer retention rate





The best events ensure a maximum update! Visit our online webinars and meet the imc experts on site. We would also be pleased to support you in the design of learning events in your company.
Live Demo blish!: Our new AI-driven authoring tool
Live Demo blish!: Our new AI-driven authoring tool


Rethinking Corporate Communications: Inspiring customer stories, exclusive imc insights, expert interviews and trend reports: our newsroom team reports 360° on all important channels.

December 2020
imc AG is the leading full-service provider according to mmb’s E-Learning Economy survey
December 2020
Innovation Pack 14.8: imc Learning Suite adds further value at the end of the year
LMS Hot Topics

Learning Management Systems: Topics, trends and tools.

E-Learning Punk

Series of articles and talks on trends in education.

E-Learning Brunch

The podcast for digital education and training.

E-Learning newsletter

Never miss a trend with the imc newsletter.

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